Johnny Cole

Mentor - Holistic Healing - Filmmaker - Writer

I'm a mentor, holistic healer, filmmaker, and writer. My work is rooted in the intersection of creativity, business, holistic health, transformational mentoring, traditional healing, world cultures, and planetary well-being. With over three decades of experience, I help individuals, groups, and businesses achieve their fuller potential through a variety of in person/phone/zoom consulting & mentoring services.

I typically work with creatives, entrepreneurs, outliers, divergent thinkers, neurodiverse perceivers, healers, strategic visionaries, sustainability groups, diversity/inclusivity and consciousness/planetary leaders.

  • Mentoring - One on One.

  • Living and Gifting Your Purpose.

  • Mindfulness Coaching.

  • Yoga and Meditation.

  • Activating Creativity.

  • Reiki Clearing and Intuitive Reading.

  • Circle and Group Facilitation.

  • Cacao and Plant Ceremonies.

  • Circle and Group Facilitation.

  • Ancestral Connection and Healing.

  • Business Consulting.

  • Organizational and Systems Development.

  • Workshops​.


$2000/10 hours.

Contact me for group rates and/or to schedule a appointments.


I grew up outside of Montreal, Canada in an large brood of 11 children, and an extended network of aunts and uncles and my beloved grandparents, along with my Icelandic-Irish-Canadian-American ancestors. While pursing my passion as an elite athlete in my teens, I was also undergoing plant medicine initiations, training in hands-on healing through reflexology, and studying a vast array of eastern and western psychological and spiritual traditions. I continued my studies when I went to live in Israel and Egypt for 8 months, when I was 20 where I trained with a cornucopia of mystics, healers, and ancient wisdom traditions.

Since returning from the Middle-East, my path has been that of a yogi, mystic, seer, healer, artist, writer, filmmaker, craftsman, & entrepreneur.

Training & Work Experience

I studied Humanities and Theater at University, was hired to write a play based on the experiences of those in an addiction treatment center, and apprenticed in Drama Therapy under a master teacher. I was an early pioneer in the field of holistic healing having developed resources, programs, businesses, retreats, and centers based on the integration of western, eastern, ancient wisdom, earth-based, and creative arts healing modalities. I co-founded ‘That Other Bookstore,’ Canada’s first bookstore/resource center/cafe focused on recovery and healing, followed by co-founding a pioneering integrated healing addiction recovery program in Albuquerque N.M., then I co-chaired the complimentary health center initiative at the East Toronto General Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

All the while I continued to train, practice, and promote a wide range of holistic healing modalities, along with studying with ancient wisdom teachers and elders from dozens of traditions around the world including: The Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, India, and the Islands. I am a certified yoga (30 year practice/teacher) and meditation teacher, breathwork facilitator, reiki practitioner, clairvoyant, plant medicine and circle facilitator. I have also worked in the real estate business as a contractor, renovator, realtor, and in the trades. I have rained and worked in the entertainment business for thirty years as an actor, writer, director, photographer, filmmaker, production services, and as a producer.

I'm the writer of Makwa, a multi-award winning screenplay in development.

My friends call me Johnny or Kuychi. Some of the Quechua in the Andes and the beings of the Amazon know me as Kuychi, which means ‘rainbow’ in Quechua.

Additional Resources

A focused e-book on clear thinking. feeling, and acting your way into creating what you desire in life. Includes theory, practices, and guided audio exercises. $2.99 US Available here.

A series of 3 free guided meditations available here.

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green leafed plant

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