Grounding and Clearing Meditation


How to Ground Yourself

 With all these changes going on today it is easy to simply lose track of your own energy or get  buried in other peoples energy. Here are a couple tools to help ground, stabilize, release, clear, and protect your own energy.


Grounding cord

Sit, both feet on the floor. Breathe for about a minute.

Bring your minds attention to your root chakra at the base of you spine. Imagine your chakra opening, giving a little “wink”.

Then imagine a cord, cylinder, or roots of a tree going from your root and attaching to the center of the earth. Very easy, can take a few moments or instantaneous. Just happens. Then, play with opening that cord to about 9-12 inches in width. You don’t have to work or concentrate to keep it in place, just visualize it and it’s done.

Your grounding cord is what keeps you “planted” and centered on the earth (earth signs love it). It is also where all the excess or unwanted energy goes that you no longer need or no longer serves you, or wasn’t yours to begin with. You can dump it there.

Throughout your day or meditation you  can always just drop another grounded cord. They are not limited.

Golden Sun

When you find your energy getting a little empty for  all  the clearing  you are doing down your grounding cord,  you want to fill yourself up with your own energy.  This can be best visualized by picturing or sensing a golden sun just above your head. Once you’ve captured the image bring you minds attention to your 7th or crown chakra. At the top of your head. Again imagine a wink or opening. and begin to draw the sun energy into your body/being. Slowly bring the golden sun energy all the way down to your feet and back up again. You can even let it go down the grounding cord. Breathe and feel yourself completely a wash in golden sun energy.  Again, let the image and process be playful, you don’t have to work, effort or over concentrate to imagine it. Be playful, like a child. That Golden sun, is your energy- your own unique vibration/pattern.  It will bring into your life all the energy that is you and begin to clear  out all the energy that is not  you (we tend to carry around a lot/family/friends/lovers/past/etc)  


Shielding your aura. Your aura is your  ”invisible” energy field usually situated about 2 ft around you in a bubble. As we go throughout our day and encounter people and their energy/thoughts/actions, we can pick up a lot of debris or energetic dust bunny’s from  the world around us. This energy can attach to our energy field and it  can get pretty muddy.  We can sometimes loose ourselves and end up trying to process other energy that isn’t our own. That’s a lot of unnecessary work.


Rose or Lotus

So what you do is imagine a rose or lotus sitting right  at the edge of  your aura 2ft in front. Attach a grounding cord to the flower .  Again, not a lot of work involved, just intending it makes it so. The rose is the highest vibration of  any element on the planet. It will shield you from picking up any negativity, thoughts, etc coming  from the world  around.  Again, there is no limit to how often you can place a rose/lotus  in  front of you. (and just  know that every flower you place in front of you will have a grounding cord attached to the center of the earth. You can put up a rose/lotus , every time you leave the house, before you meet someone, before you go to sleep etc. Some situations may require surrounding yourself in a garden of roses( lol). You can also learn to blow a rose/lotus, or send towards those places or patterns  where  there is conflict/unease in your life. It will reduce the charge and  those energies will begin to dissipate.

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