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Acting Coaching

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ON ACTING.  Tools and perspectives on acting - From old Hollywood to the present.  (Forthcoming)




BOOK    -   ON ACTING. Tools and perspectives on acting - From old Hollywood to the present.( Fall-2018)

Protector. Predator.
Personality. Prey.
4 Archetypes for Acting and Storytelling
There are 4 different archetypes or filters that are inherent within every Human Being. They are innate psychic orientations which mold and inform each individual consciousness. They live just below the level of character and can be played through them as an actor. Everyone is born with them that are all part of the fabric of the individual and collective human psyche. If you were to sit across from anyone , you would see at least one of the aspects emerge right away. On occasion someone will present two, and with practice a person can draw upon and display all four.

These ‘filters’ with roots deep in the psych, can be developed and brought forth to accent and embody. More than a few actors have banked an entire career on claiming and playing one or more of these aspects. More primal than playing ‘roles’ or ‘characters’, this aspects can be drawn on individually and be displayed over the course of a scene or entire story, or be pulled up to change one into the other - moment by moment . 👁👁👁👁👁👁
Some people have larger than life personalities( or can develop them as performers) , while others can remain buried and invisible to themselves and the world. Examples of personality performers: 
Julia Roberts Sweet fun.
Bruce wilis – Smart ass
Jennifer Lopez - Warm fun
Tom cruis- Fun cocky
Hugh Grant - Charming nerdy
Don Rickles – Agressively caustic “Mr. Warmth”
Mae West - Sassy brassy
Sean Connery and Denzel Washington – Charming confident
Gene Hackman - Pissy angry
Tommy Lee Jones- sardonic fun

Protector is a natural, instinctual aspect of the psyche. The focused hunter who is mission oriented. It’s quality is positive, and altruistic as in the protector who goes after the ‘bad guy’, protects the vulnerable, or is in service of some higher order the law and justice.

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