Feminine and Masculine

Feminine and  Masculine

I see us at an interesting juncture where men and women are owning our own experiences, identifying and communicating like experiences in our own and other genders, and navigating the perplexities of the ideas of ‘the masculine’ and ‘the feminine’ which are energies and orientations that every person inhibits in one form or another. There are about 20 different models we could use to describe those energies. In its simplest terms, the feminine and masculine have two complimentary orientations: Vulnerability and protection.

Keeping in mind that this in not gender specific, the feminine at her core is our vulnerability. She is the aspects of ourselves (or vessel) that is most yin, vulnerable, open, receptive. Out of a secure and fertile field of femininity emerges love, healing, wisdom ,authenticity, spontaneity, creativity, connection, potential, gifts, …life. 

While the masculine aspect at his core is his capacity to protect and provide safety. He protects the boundaries of our vulnerabilities, and nurtures her energy/gifts outward. He is the guardian at the threshold of the feminine both within and without who negotiates boundaries, diverse needs, and the feminine vessel within and beyond. He/she is fierce Shiva / Kali who stands upright with an agile balanced presence. holding open a wide neutral space, open to the other, available to feel, think, understand, negotiate win wins, battle, or walk away as he sees necessary.

As women, men, children, and the planet stumble forward out of our collective trauma/ hallucination where both the feminine vulnerability and masculine protection are battle weary across the genders, some of dances we may need to finesse are : 

How do we love beyond boundaries and the need for protection?
How do we increasingly discern where and with whom to place our vulnerabilities.
How do we boundary and protect while remaining loving? 
How do we slay and release that which is no longer in service to the feminine ( within self and others) on the planet.

It recently occurred to me that my most accurate understanding of the feminine 'within' me is in my relationship to my inner/boy child – the vulnerable open one who is the source of my superpowers. I am healing him whole into my life and he powerful AF
Unfortunately the predominate culture is actually very threatened by him, and perceives this boy as “feminine” and does everything it can to snuff it out.
Fuck that!

For those of you who haven’t seen ‘The mask You Live In’ I would highly recommend it. 

"Masculinity is not organic. It's reactive, it's not something that just developed. It's a rejection of everything perceived as feminine."
"There is a whole social system that polices boys through this low level of threat from other men, if they are not man enough."
"Designed to keep boys silent. To keep them confirming to the construct."
"If a boy still cries in public at 12 there is a problem."
"Over half of all boys are physically abused."
"1 in six boys are sexually abused"
"Wounded boys become wounding men, apart from some type of intervention."
"Every man's journey is how do connect heart and head - to live out an authentic you ."