I  bridge artistic and creative endeavors with my passion for understanding human nature, knowledge systems, and our psychological and spiritual natures. I am anchored in the firm belief that we are all creators, and that creativity and spirituality have the power to transform ourselves and the world(s) we live in. I ultimately aim to empower, educate and inspire people with  the firm knowledge that each and everyone us has a unique potential and ability to live out the highest aspect of ourselves.


Whether through writing, teaching, counseling, or co-creating healing centers, I have been working as a healer for over 30 years. Along with multiply studies in advanced modern-day psychology, I have a background in yoga, meditation, and clairvoyance. I am equally familiar with ancient wisdom teachings, having had the opportunity to study with shamans and healers throughout the Americas, international yogis as well as some of the foremost teachers of modern depth psychology. .

Through teaching, group facilitation, mentoring, clairvoyance, breathwork, meditation, and yoga, I work with individuals, couples, businesses, and groups to identify underlying limiting patterns, and help to clear them out in order to take our next 'present moment' steps towards fulfilling our greatest potential across the bandwidth of our lives: Health, Wealth, Creativity, Intimacy, Spirituality, and Service.

Available  for one on one or group workshops. Los Angeles and international touring.


I am an film, television, and theater actor, as well as a writer, director and producer,  and often bridge my artistic and creative endeavors with my passion for understanding human nature and modern depth psychology. I wrote and produced a play "Underground',  the short film 'You're the Bomb', and have recently written the screenplay 'Love and Human Remains', all closely inspired by his personal stories and knowledge of our psychological and spiritual natures.

I have a theater background  and  studied creative writing at Concordia University, while also further deepening my camera technique for actors and directors, and the storytelling craft. I am the author of the forthcoming book, ON ACTING: Tools and perspectives on acting - from old Hollywood to the present. I am also an acting coach and shoot headshots for actors.